At the very begining, there was a solo projet. Now, it's a band named SOUND ROCKET. Discover our sound and let's play it loud!

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We are pleased to announce we are now a band, rehearsing, sweating and learning a lot from each others. That's great: we're on a good way to play our pop songs everywhere as possible. Be patient, we're on rehearsal!

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que nous sommes désormais un groupe, répètant, transpirant et apprenant beaucoup les uns des autres. Super : nous sommes sur la bonne voie pour jouer nos morceaux partout où il sera possible. Soyez patients, nous sommes en répétition !

And now we are a rockband!

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François, Francis, Jean-Marc, Gael and Fred are the Sound Rocket's crew!

And now we are a rockband! Our influences are all about Britpop, folk-rock, a lot of bands from the 60's, the new-wave, etc. It means we like high-melodic songs melt with the energy of rock. It may sounds familiar though our universe is wider than that.

Nous voici un groupe de rock ! Nos influences sont faites de Britpop, de folk-rock, d'un tas de groupes des 60's, de new-wave, etc. Nous aimons les morceaux hyper-mélodiques trempés dans l'enérgie du rock. Familier ? Oui, mais notre univers est plus large que cela.

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Sound Rocket - pop-rock

Play it loud!

Rehearsals | Work in progress

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Pretty soon, there will be news about the band on these pages. You will find here the dates for gigs, interviews (who knows?), well, simply about everything important about the band. Stay tuned!.

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This is it, it's here!
We can stay in touch.

You want to send us a message, ask for informations abouut Sound Rocket, do not hesitate and leave a message, this page is here for that!

Vous voulez nous laisser un message, demandez des renseignements sur Sound Rocket, n'hésitez pas, laisser un message, cette page est là pour ça !

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Sound Rocket - pop-rock

Stay tuned on the News section or on Facebook.