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A pure pop song, simple and powerfull, one of those that'll make bright your day. Discover, listen again and again… Play it loud!

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The goal is to play these songs in front of an audience (a cheering crowd?), in a band. However, if they could find an echo here, it would be a damn good start!

Le but est de jouer ces chansons devant un public (une foule entousiaste ?), dans un groupe. Toutefois, si ces morceaux pouvaient trouver un écho ici, ce serait un sacré bon début !

What's the story?

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Playing with everyone, forming bands… and sometimes songwritting leads you to record the songs on your own.

The story began in the early 80's with a fantastic new-wave band from Versailles named Kindergarten. A few years after, the adventure continues in a band from Rambouillet called Coltranes (and later Calltranes). While playing solo these days, the project is to create (or find) a very pop rock group.

C'est une histoire commencée dans les 80's avec un groupe new-wave versaillais génial nommé Kindergarten. Après d'autres participations, l'aventure continue dans un groupe rambolitain, Coltranes puis Calltranes. Aujourd'hui, en solo, le projet d'un groupe très pop mais aussi très rock reste l'objectif.

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E-Rocket - pop-rock

Play it loud!

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Now, let's play the songs with the eyes opened on E-Rocket channel.


Radio | Podcast | On RVE 103.7

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Saturday 05/17/2014 on An interview and songs played live!
with Florian, François and Pipo.

Sounds | SoundCloud | E-Rocket oldies

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Listen to the old songs saved from the attic and now on SoundCloud.
With The Happy Fews, Coltranes and more



Few snapshots from the present to the past.


E-Rocket channel


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This is it, it's here!
We can stay in touch.

You are a musician, the owner of the right place to play or simply someone who like the music presented here, do not hesitate and leave a message, this page is here for that!

Vous êtes un musicien, le responsable du bon endroit où jouer ou plus simplement quelqu'un qui aime la musique présentée ici, n'hésitez pas, laisser un message, cette page est là pour ça !

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E-Rocket - pop-rock

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